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Traveling with Animals

In order to travel to the D.R. with your pet, you need a pet certificate signed by a veterinary.

The veterinary's office should have a form named APHIS Vet Health Certificate (Form 7001).The full name of the form is: United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination for Small Pets.

Once the vet fills and signs a form for each pet, we (at the Consulate) would proceed to translate and certify the vet certificates.

We suggest that you complete the steps and send the pet certificate to us as soon as possible.

The cost for our end of the process (translation and certification of the pet certificate) is $135.00 (money order or cashiers check only).  Also, we suggest that you use the services of an overnight courier (such as FedEx or UPS) and provide us a pre-addressed, pre-paid way to send you the documents once they are completed.

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