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The Domincan Republic proudly supports the Latino International Film Festival with our screening of: "Kill The Dictator"

A Domincan Republic thriller based on the true story of the murder of the tyrant Trujillo.

Friday, October 11 at 9:15 PM

6925 Hollywood Blvd  
Los Angeles, CA 90028
TCL Chinese Theatre

Be sure to support the Domincan Republic and join us at this special screening!

Directed by Felix Limardo

“Kill The Dictator” is an action thriller.   Based on the true story of the Lt. Amado Garcia Guerrero, a military aide to the Dominican dictator, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, who became a key individual in the plot to remove the dictator.

The United States was very concerned about the instability of the Caribbean region, with Cuba on one end and the Dominican Republic on the other.  Something had to be done. At first, Lt. Garcia Guerrero was proud to have been assigned as an aid to General Trujillo only to witness, first hand, the atrocities and demented actions of the dictator.

Everything Lt. Garcia Guerrero loved was being stripped from him… the love of his life, members of his family and the love for his country.  Thousands of innocent people were being killed, the country was in turmoil and gripped with fear.  Someone had to step up to the plate and take immediate action and Lt. Garcia Guerrero became the inside man in the plot to kill the dictator.

After going through all of the dramatic circumstances that personally hurt him, and the preaching of his relative, Salvador Estrella Sadhalá, he decided to participate in the conspiracy to end the dictatorship.

Amado was the key figure to perform the feat: First he offered the necessary information to set up an ambush and a chase on the highway that night.  At the scene, with an accurate shot, put out of action Captain Zacarías De La Cruz, Trujillo’s driver and only companion, who had succeeded in stopping the group by emptying two machine guns.

Wounded in combat, Amado went into hiding until he was discovered and fought with the forces of the tyranny. He killed several officers of the Military Intelligence Service before he was killed while they buried the remains of the dictator.  Amado gave his life on June 2nd, 1961, exactly the day he turned 33.

Higher Education and Research

Understanding that higher education is the key to create the paths that lead to the advancement and development of every nation, our General Consulate has worked diligently in order to develop relationships, opportunities and agreements with prestigious institutions of higher learning in the West Coast of the United States. The main objective is to allow both students and working professionals to benefit from the latest knowledge and technologies, in multiple fields of studies and research, and thus contribute to the progress of our nation.

Dominican Republic Announces Consulate Aimed at Hollywood

Dominican Cigarsby Alejandro Benes, Cigar Aficionado

If you want to be close to "Hollywood," it seems the thing to do is open your office in Glendale, California. That's what the Dominican Republic did over the weekend in announcing the relocation of its consulate from San Francisco to Los Angeles County.

"We are creating a direct link between Hollywood and the film industry in the Dominican Republic," explained Rafael Alburquerque, the vice president of the Dominican Republic. (If you're not familiar with Los Angeles geography, "Hollywood," as it refers to the movie studios, has moved largely to Burbank, which is right next door to Glendale.)

Dominican Republic Bows Film Commission

Ellis Perez tapped as director general

VarietyBy Anna Marie De La Fuente, Variety

The Dominican Republic has launched a film commission, tapping Ellis Perez as director general of cinematography.

Move is aimed at spurring growth in film and TV production -- a potential $375 million industry with the possibility of providing jobs for some 24,000 local talent and crew.

The film commission's efforts will be buttressed by the introduction of a tax credit of up to 25% for feature films and TV skeins shot in the Dominican Republic.

Glendale Welcomes Dominican Republic Consulate

It hopes to supply film companies in the area with everything they need.

Domnican Republic Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, left, greets former Miss USA (2003) Susie Castillo at grand-opening ceremony for the Dominican Republic Consulate in Glendale on Saturday, August 20, 2011. Looking on at center is Dominican Republic's Film Commission General Director. (Raul Roa/Staff Photographer)

Domnican Republic Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, left, greets former Miss USA (2003) Susie Castillo at grand-opening ceremony for the Dominican Republic Consulate in Glendale on Saturday, August 20, 2011. Looking on at center is Dominican Republic's Film Commission General Director. (Raul Roa/Staff Photographer)
by Mark Kellam, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Dominican Republic has moved its California consulate to Glendale to be closer to movie studios and maybe get a bigger slice of the film-industry pie. It's also created a film commission and tax incentives to attract production companies.

The consulate had a grand-opening celebration Saturday with executives from Disney, NBC Universal, Legendary Films and Cartoon Network on the guest list, said Ron Lizardo, vice-consul.

Rafael Alburquerque, vice president of the Dominican Republic, also attended. He said film production work will give his country a significant economic boost, which is why congressional leaders in the Dominican Republic recently passed tax incentive legislation.

Producers will receive a 25% tax break on all budget items purchased in the Dominican Republic once they spend $500,000.

“We are linking the studios that are already here in L.A. and the film industry we are building in the Dominican Republic,” Alburquerque said through a translator.

Pinewood Builds Studio in Dominican Republic

New site includes water effects facility

Pinewood Studios Mockup--Day

Aerial view of the proposed studio.
Pinewood Studios Watertank Mockup

Plans for the new studio include a watertank.
By Diana Lodderhose, Variety

Pinewood Studios Group, which operates Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington Studios in Blighty, has joined forces with Indomina Group to launch a new studio facility in the Dominican Republic.

Construction of the studios, dubbed Pinewood Indomina Studios, starts Feb. 23 with a ground-breaking ceremony by the prexy of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Antonio Fernandez Reyna.

In a significant show of support for the new studio, the National Congress of the Dominican Republic has passed into law a new bill that will provide up to 25% tax credit for feature pics and TV programs, above and below the line.

The film and television production facilities, which will be located in the beach town of Juan Dolio on the Domincan Republic's southern coast, will initially comprise of 5,000 sq m (53,800 sq ft) of soundstage space along with 15,000 sq m (161,460 sq ft) of associated production support facilities.

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